New Club Members Information

Welcome to The Harbor Club

Now that you are settled in, you might want to find out how to become a club member.  
  • First, we have limited availability for new membership.  It doesn't mean we don't have it, but you will need to check with the office and see what is available.  Office hours and days are posted at the bottom of every page on this site.  

  • If your home came with a club membership upon purchasing, congratulations, you can transfer the certificate in your name.  You will need to bring that into the office, along with a copy of your deed and IDs, to have it transferred into your name.  You will then get a card key for the pool and club house.  These electronic card keys are replaced every year when your membership is renewed.  Usually it will be a different color.  Access to Club facilities will not be available until after your certificate has been transfered.

  • As a club member, we recommend you join our Harbor Club Facebook group.  We will post upcoming events, trips, games and special dinners/dance.  This is for Board members to post anything pertinent to the club.

  • For social, selling stuff, questions that are non-club related, making friends, we also suggest you join the Imperial Harbor Facebook group.  This is for ALL residents and not just club members.  Because of that, no club information/questions will be posted or communicated on that group. Both groups are monitored.
In addition to above, here are some additional basic information.
  • POOL:  hours are from dawn to dusk, but understand, we do not have paid staff.  EVERYTHING is based on your neighbors volunteering.  We encourage new people to volunteer when asked as a way to make friends.  Sign-up sheets can be found near the entrance to the bathrooms by the pool or inside bulletin board.  We ask for volunteers to open and close the pool.  Because of that, the time is flexiable.  The pool will remain closed during weather issues.  For instance, during a tropical storm or hurricane, we will need volunteers to help secure outdoor furnitures.  When the pool has been inspect for damage or debris, the pool can open and we will need volunteers again to put outdoor furniture out.  During a cold spell, the pool will remain closed until the temperatures warm up.  Usually you can expect anything below 67 F to cause the pool to remain closed.

  • VOLUNTEER!  This club has managed to keep it's dues low due to your neighbors willing to volunteer.  If we didn't have volunteers, thus hiring staff, your dues would go up.  Our busiest time is during season, which falls between Nov - Mar of every year.  We encourage seasonal people to volunteer during those months.  We have permanent residents as well and they usually volunteer off season.

  • SPECIAL EVENTS: Special activities or events usually require you to sign up.  This will be in the form of a sign-up sheet located inside the club house.  Posts on Facebook Events are curtesy notifications only and do not count as signing up for the event. This will help our volunteers know how much food, space will be required.  We have limited seating at some events and it will be on a first come, first serve basis.  Some events will have the ability to pay online via this website.  If that is the case, your payment is your sign up.

Visit Us:

Harbor Club Of Bonita Springs
26230 Imperial Harbor Boulevard, Bonita Springs, Florida 34135
Telephone: 239-947-6708

Office Hours:

Wednesday: 9am - 12pm
Oct thru April

Wednesday 9:30-11:30
May thru Sept
Bonita Springs, FL WEATHER