Civic Association Minutes

Civic Association of Imperial Harbor, Inc.
General Membership Meeting
Thursday March 7 2024 at 7:00pm at the clubhouse
President                                  Doug Gilliam                                   Director #1         
Vice-President                         Genevieve Mueller                        Director #2              Scott Tyson        
Treasurer                                 Angie Gilliam                                  Director #3              Neal Burtner      
Secretary                                  Dora Riley                                       
  • CALL TO ORDER AT 7PM. A quorum was confirmed.
  • READING AND APPROVAL OF MINUTES – minutes were distributed prior to the start of the meeting.  Secretary Riley addressed the members to see if they had a chance to review them.  There were no questions.  Sue Bennet made a motion to accept the minutes, seconded by Jim Johnson and carried by member vote.
o   City approved 2 street lights; details unknown at this time
o   Drains behind Peer Lane are scheduled to be scoped and cleared.  
o   Census is almost complete
Vice President
o   3 welcome packets provided to Director Tyson for realtors
o   Additional welcome packets made up with new directories
o   Tag Sale was a success with income to the Association of $2436.18
o   Blood Mobile scheduled for Apr 10th.  Sign-up sheets will be provided in advance
o   Welcome packets to be distributed soon to houses sold between Oct 31, 2023 and Feb. 2, 2024
o   Report for February provided; Business and Office Expenses - $939.9; Income $1010; Checking Balance $46,762.28;       CD Value - $11, 085.40
o   Motion to accept the report made by D. Viau and seconded by Bob Prothero, carried by member vote.
Real Estate and Rentals 
o   27 homes currently for sale in the park.  
o   One landlord of 5 homes was approached and indicated willingness to sign C&Js on all properties.
UNFINISHED BUSINESS - Dan Cowden spoke about water drainage and necessary swales in yards.
1. Julie Wenzel made a motion “that the membership in attendance tonight authorize the IH Civic Association Board to craft a policy to be implemented at all future meetings; to include but not be limited to, visitor sign in procedures, visitor seating, specific guidelines for visitors and the rights reserved exclusively for members in good standing.”  Motion was seconded by Virginia Slater and carried by member vote. 
2.  Secretary Riley discussed a handout regarding a recommendation from the board to modify Bylaw IX, Finance, Item 1 (attached).  No questions from the members, J. Johnson made a motion to approve, seconded by S. Hogoveen and carried by member vote. 
3. An Installation Cost Estimate was reviewed relative to getting water to the new sign and vegetation at Imperial Blvd. and Old 41. More detail to come.
·   President called Sam Boatman to the front to acknowledge his six years served on the board.            
·   We are a deed restricted community voted as such by the residents.  
·   The consent and joinders are legal documents that states that the homeowner consents to the deed of restrictions and the agreement runs with the land.  
·    Florida Statute 617.0604; “A member of a corporation is not, as such, personally liable for any act, debt, liability, or obligation of the corporation”.
ADJOURNMENT - L. Dagustino made a motion to adjourn at 7:35pm, seconded by N. Bruynis, and carried by member vote.                                                                       

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