Pool Resources

Brass Key (0551) fits three (3) padlocks:
Each gate entrance to the pool = 2 padlocks and one on the double doors in the Club House leading to the pool = 1 padlock
  • Normally, the pool cover is not used from May through October, unless the nightly temperature falls below 70 degrees. If so, the pool needs to be covered to retain the heat to save on heating costs.
  • Every evening the pool gates, bathrooms and Club House doors need to be locked one (1) hour before dusk and opened at dawn and/or 8:30 am approximately. Please refer to the internet (google) to find out when dusk and dawn are forecasted.
  1. Enter the Clubhouse (use the member’s entrance side door with your keycard)
  2. Turn the “music key to on” next to speaker room then unlock the Club double doors leading to the pool (brass key 0551) for the chain/padlock and allen-key left of door for the door.
  3. Unlock both outside entrance gates and padlocks. Wrap chains around posts and relock with padlocks.
  4. Unlock both bathrooms (KW1 pink for her, KW1 plain for him).
  5. Unlock electric cord on wall and connect to pool wheel retract/extract mechanism
  6. Unlock electric box with AXXESS key #80. Insert key and turn left - hold for 5 seconds. Let go and take key out.
  7. Using the “remote key fob”, hold both “open/close buttons” down for 10 seconds and release. Try a short test by pressing the retract button on the remote. If it’s engaged, it will begin wrapping the cover. If not, then repeat steps 6 and 7 above.
  8. Retract cover by pressing open and close - cover should begin retracting. (If it doesn’t retract evenly, some manual adjustment (start/stop and nudging of the cover may be required). If the remote stops working, repeating steps 6 to 8 will be required. Normally, steps 6 to 9 should take about 5 mins. Longer can require repeat of steps 6 to 9.
  9. Once retracted, cover the pool cover with the additional cover. Tuck the rope under the pool cover. Use the clamps to clamp down pool cover for safety and disconnect the extension cord, roll up, lock, and hang the cord on the hook next to the electric box.
  10. Shut off the box (turn the key to the right) with AXXESS key #80.
  11. Push the retract mechanism 4 feet back from the pool for safety.
Video of the pool opening process:

  1. Retract/extend mechanism is free wheeling so the electric hookup is not necessary but can still be used if preferred. Use steps 6 to 8 above.
  2. Uncover and store the cloth cover and clamps.
  3. Roll the retract/extend system back to poolside - end of pool.
  4. Go to opposite end of the pool with the rope in hand and slowly pull the cover over the pool.
  5. Lock entrance gates with chains and padlocks, both bathroom doors making sure lights are off.
  6. Enter clubhouse via middle door and lock doors with allen-key and secure with chain/padlock. Also check to ensure ALL clubhouse doors are locked.
  7. Shut off music speakers by pushing music button up.
  8. Exit the Club by using the member’s access door at the back where the puzzles are.

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