About Harbor Club

The Harbor Club of Imperial Harbor
On behalf of the Harbor Club's officers and Board of Directors, as well as the hundreds of Harbor Club members, we want to WELCOME you to Imperial Harbor and The Harbor Club.
Our mission at the Harbor Club is to foster and achieve a happy and healthy social and recreational atmosphere.  We offer dozens of fun activities for you to participate in, if you choose, and entertainment as well.  The Club and its members own, operate, and maintain the amenities and social facilities for the pleasure and recreation of the membership.  We are an entirely "volunteer" organization.
The Club House
In addition to the 3200 sq. ft. recreation building, the Harbor Club operates a heated swimming pool and maintains the grounds. Other amenities include a fitness center, pool room, horseshoe pitch, and six covered outdoor shuffleboard courts, considered the best in the area, Teams of ‘shufflers’ compete within the club, as well as with other teams in the area.. Residents enjoy a wide variety of community activities, including bowling, fishing or golfing groups.
Our social calendars are always full with fun and entertainment.  We have regular social functions which include live entertainment and dancing.  These are usually twice a month during the winter season.  Our clubhouse is always active day and evening.  Come out and give us a look.  Check out our calendar too.  If you want things to do and social activities too, you'll find it here!
The Compound
The Harbor Club also maintains a storage compound where residents can store their boats, trailers, RVs and other bulky equipment, at a nominal fee.
So, COME ON AND JOIN US!  Membership to our club is offered to all residents of Imperial Harbor, but the number of memberships is limited.  Just give a call to our office and see what's available.  The Club By-Laws and Policies sections outline in detail the specifics of club membership and operation.

Visit Us:

Harbor Club Of Bonita Springs
26230 Imperial Harbor Boulevard, Bonita Springs, Florida 34135
Telephone: 239-947-6708
Email: harborclubsec@gmail.com

Office Hours:

Wednesday: 9am - 12pm
Oct thru April

Wednesday 9:30-11:30
May thru Sept
Bonita Springs, FL WEATHER