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  • Bonita Springs Property Maintenance Code  -  As a property owner in Imperial Harbor, we must be aware that the Bonita Springs property maintenance codes apply to each homeowner as well as the those contained in our Deed of Restrictions.  Each property in Imperial Harbor is bound by both documents and both are enforceable under the law.  Become familiar with both and know that our Imperial Harbor Deed of Restrictions further restricts the City of Bonita Springs property maintenance code. 
  • Bonita Springs Water Conservation - In an effort to conserve water crucial groundwater resources in aquifers and maintain a healthy lawn, any irrigation performed from 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. will be subject to fines.  Irrigation during these hours wilts sod and plants and wastes water through evaporation.  Water restrictions are mandatory and will be enforced by local government through law enforcement or zoning and code enforcement agencies.  Residents may irrigate on two days, or may exercise the option to irrigate a third day.  Find out more here.
  • Bonita Springs Neighborhood Services - The Neighborhood Services Department is a problem solver.  They are there to ensure properties do not fall into disrepair; they don't deteriorate; devalue neighborhoods; become an encouragement to crime and lead to blight.  Neighborhood Services provides a vital, effective means of educating and enforcing the City’s standards to ensure our City remains and continues to grow to become a model city for all to enjoy and admire.    Click here to learn more on how you can help
  • The City of Bonita Springs  -  We as homeowners and land owners in Bonita Springs are fortunate to have a city government and city council working to maintain our property values.  We are in District 5 and are represented by a council person assigned to our district.  The city council meets monthly in open meetings allowing for your participation if desired.  Visit the City of Bonita Springs website for information on council meetings, city hall location, etc.  Familiarize yourself with your city and all it has to offer you.
  • Building Permits from The City of Bonita Springs Community Development  Are you looking to remodel your home or make property improvements.  Be sure to obtain a building permit to stay in compliance with the City of Bonita Springs!  Visit the Community Development website of the City of Bonita Springs.  You can also look up the status of building permits on this site.
  • TRAP-NEUTER-RETURN PROGRAM FOR FERAL CATS  -  If you have a complaint about wild feral cats roaming your neighbor, now you can get some help from the city.  The city of Bonita Springs has launched a trap-neuter-return program.  This free program provides a voucher for residents to use for feral (wild) cats in their neighborhood.  Humane cat traps can be obtained from the Old 41 Veterinary and emergency clinic located at 28380 Old 41 Rd., suite B.  The cats are brought to the clinic where Dr. Hakim Hamici, DVM, will sterilize, microchip and rabies vaccinate.  The cats will then be picked up and returned to their neighborhood.  To arrange for a trap, call the Old 41 clinic at 239-498-5591.  For more information on the program, call City Hall at 239-949-6262
  • Gopher Turtles - If you walk down to the very end of Imperial Harbor Blvd. you will come to a dead end—and the home of our park’s gopher turtle residents.  These endangered animals are lovingly watched over by our residents with well marked signs.  Take a stroll down to this area, and maybe you’ll catch a glimpse of these creatures.  Be quiet and tread softly.
  • Garbage and Lawn Waste Pickup  -  Trash (garbage) Pickup and Recyclable Waste is picked up in Imperial Harbor every Wednesday morning by Advanced Disposal.  Recycle bins can be obtained by calling (239) 334-1224.  This number is also used to schedule pick up of appliances no longer is use.  Lawn waste is pickup up every Monday.  Place all items to be picked up at the curb by 6:30am on the day of pickup.  Lawn waste must be bundled and tied.  Check the Waste Management website for more info on what can be recycled.
  • Newspapers in our area are The Naples Daily News, The News Press, The Banner (free and published every Wednesday and Saturday), and Florida Weekly.
  • Discounts for Seniors  - Stretch your dollars as far as possible and ASK everywhere you shop for your SENIOR DISCOUNT! 
  • Hurricane  Information  -  Hurricane Season begins June 1 of each year and ends November 30th.  Prepare yourself and your home.  CLICK HERE for our list of preparedness tips.  Also, Hurricane and evacuation info can be found on any TV station in the area or their websites before, during, and after a hurricane.  Here are a few:  Wink News, TV 2 News, Channel 7 News, Fox News.  In addition, Florida Power and Light is an important resource for information on preparing to leave your home during a storm. 
  • Public Shelters - Attached is a link prepared by Lee County for public shelters in the event of a storm.  A list of shelters can be found here.
  • Pets - We love all pets but ask that you be respectful to your neighbors.  Pick up after your pets.  In addition, Bonita Springs offers a beautiful Dog Park with 3 different sections for different size dogs.  It's well maintained and very shaded. It's off of West Terry only a few miles from us.  And if you want to take your dog to the beach, try Dog Beach, across from Lover's Key State Park.  This lets you enjoy a day at the beach with your dog, off-leash!
  • Neighborhood Watch -  Imperial Harbor residents cooperate with the Lee County Sheriff's office to watch and report suspicious activity in our neighborhood.  If you see anything unusual, illegal or just not right, report it to
    • The Lee County Sheriff's office at 235-477-1840 or in an emergency, dial 911.
  • Emergency Health Care WALK IN CLINIC   -  Bonita Community Health Center  (239) 949-1050.
  • Notary Public - Cathy Dougan 498-9887. 

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