Late Breaking News

We need your help!!

The BOD and I will have a meeting this Tuesday April 5th at 7:00 PM in the Clubhouse to discuss and approve a new pool shower. We have always been very open and honest with you. This will be no different. We recently discovered this situation and after contacting several contractors we will submit their best most comprehensive estimate.
On our last failed attempt to clean the drain we finally had a plumbing company on site to see what the problem was. They used a camera to follow the line to investigate what many already knew. The drain to the existing shower empties into tank under the circle driveway. Cleaning the drain out is no longer an option, the soil surrounding the tank is now so saturated it will no longer drain properly. something must be done. Current codes will no longer let us use this system; it will need to be rerouted to our current City sewer.
We need your attendance at this Tuesday, April 5th 7:00 PM special meeting. It will take a quorum 62 memberships to pass any motion, it will be a very short meeting we will just discuss the pool shower issue at hand. The Board will answer any questions to the best of their abilities. But we cannot stress enough the need for your presents at this meeting.
We are currently out of options; Florida State Code requires showering before entering the pool. If approved this work can take place during the summer with little to no disruptions.
Thank you in advance for your attendance of this very important special meeting. Please let your neighbors and friends know about its urgency.
Thank you,
Matt Strickling
Harbor Club President

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