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The Civic Association of Imperial Harbor publishes the Harbor Post in printed format during the winter season only.  The purpose of the newsletter is to inform all  Imperial Harbor residents of news and information important to our community.  Our monthly meeting dates and agendas are an important part of each and every newsletter.
Printed copies are available for pick-up from the Newsletter Box attached to the Civic Association Community Bulletin Board located at the entrance to the parking lot of the Harbor Club and near the Banner and Daily Newspaper boxes.

APRIL 2021
FROM:  The Civic Board of Directors of Imperial Harbor, Inc.
Submitted by:  Darlene Osten, President
It’s been quite a winter season for the Civic Board.  We are currently at the following count with regard to Consent and Joinders signed.
654 Units
553 recorded    85%
42 Refusals       .08%
Total units contacted   590    90%
42 to contact 7%
9 new C&Js have been signed and are not as yet recorded
This process is constantly ongoing.  Refusals are notified again, letters are sent to absentee landlords, etc.  This means we have to investigate to discover if the property has changed hands, get home addresses, find a way to get out-of-state homeowners to get the C&J notarized, as well as myriad of other things that come into play.  It is not an easy task.  Cathy Dougan is to be commended for getting new C&Js signed, following up with those that have refused, recording C&Js with Lee County and getting computerized C&J data to the Board.  Thank you, Cathy, for your diligence.
Issues 1 and 2 both passed overwhelmingly during the election.  Your dues for 2022 will be $50.00/year.   From now until October 1, they are $26.00.  If there ever was a time to join the Civic Association it is now.  What we do to amend the DOR will affect every home that has a Consent and Joinder on their property.  Currently, there are approximately 562 homes affected and there will be more by the time the amendment gets to a vote.   The IH Community at large will help decide how we move forward. FYI:   Article III- Section 2 of the DOR states:  The Deed of Restrictions may be amended or revoked with the approval of 2/3 of the votes cast by the “Owners of Lots subject to the DOR”.  The vote may be cast in person or by proxy at a meeting of the Owners of Lots subject to the Deed of Restrictions. There is one vote per Lot.   Votes are not
divisible.   Cumulative voting is not allowed.
As we begin work to amend the DOR, we are asking for your input.  Whether you are a member of the Civic Association or not, please send your thoughts, ideas or offer solutions to the following email:   Doug is collecting all of your inputs.  Your input is wanted and needed. Tell your friends and neighbors to do the same.  Read the DOR and send your suggestions to Doug no later than June 15, 2021.   This is your opportunity to say what you think.  Don’t let this opportunity pass you by.   
Welcome Packages:
Forty Welcome Packages have been delivered this season by Julie Wenzel and an “army of volunteers”.  Kudos to the Block Captains.   The Board cannot thank these volunteers enough for doing such a great job. Packages are now caught up and Gayle Beler will be delivering the packages during the off-season.   
We have made a new board policy regarding complaints.  Non-Members of the Civic Association cannot file a complaint.  Homeowners who to do not have a consent and joinder on their property cannot file a complaint. For Full and Associate members of the Association who have a consent and joinder on their property, complaints will be accepted.
We have put 12 signs around the park emphasizing Imperial Harbor is an over 55 community. These are placed in strategic locations and will be moved from time-time.  We want to thank Julie Wenzel for her great idea and having the signs made and distributing them.
Real Estate Subcommittee:
This committee was formed with Jen Kehl, Gary St. John and Doug Gilliam.  Currently, they are preparing packages for “For Sale By Owners”, contacting realtors and advising them of the DOR and providing them with the necessary information.  This subcommittee will continue to develop further real estate packages and will be contacting title companies.  Our package has been sent to the Lee County Board of Realtors.  If you would like to join this committee, please contact Jen Kehl.
State of Florida Filing:
We have filed our annual report with the State of Florida. An annual report is a required report that is used to update or confirm the Florida Department of State, Division of Corporations’ records.  It is not a financial report but one we must have to keep operating in the State of Florida.
This is a reminder the Census will be conducted next year.   Please volunteer to help with this task.  It won’t take long if we all help.
Election 2022:
Three board positions will become available In February.  Seriously contemplate running for the board.   We need people with solid business experience, good computer skills and organizational and leadership skills.  Be prepared to work.    
We have handled so many violations since September we’ve lost count.  The number is approximately 75+ violations.  Most are resolved or on their way to being resolved.  Most of the boats and RVs are in the compound. However, we always seem to have those folks who just refuse to follow the rules.  Code Enforcement, the Sherriff’s Department and the Narcotics Division are well aware of our issues in the park and we will keep working with them.  In the meantime, residents need to continue to contact these departments and report anything suspicious or report any clear violations of code enforcement issues.  The Civic Board and its’ committees cannot be everywhere at once, so please make those calls.
We have two homes that appear to be abandoned.   We have tracked down owners, called code enforcement, and are working to get these resolved.   At this point, owners have not replied and we will persevere with our law offices.   These types of occurrences are time consuming and involved.
Seven (7) fence violation letters have gone out and we are working closely with our attorney on this issue. The Deed of Restrictions clearly states no fences are permitted in the park, yet we have homeowners who think this does not apply to them and they continue to ignore the issue. Dog or no dog, no fences.   To be clear, if the City of Bonita issues a permit to build a fence, this does not negate the Deed of Restrictions.  The fence is still in violation.   Should a home be sold that has a fence built from 2015 forward, the buyers are required to take it down.  We are working closely with realtors who are selling properties that have violations.  It is difficult to understand why these homeowners continue to be disrespectful to future buyers, the Deed of Restrictions, and to all our residents who follow the rules and regulations.  As a reminder, property owners are responsible for all legal and court costs for any violation.  We will continue to use our attorney for unresolved issues.
Most fences are mowed around and not trimmed by the lawn care people.   If they do trim by any chance, the fence is hit by the trimmer and causes damage.  Weeds grow up around the fence and bring critters and vermin to your lot and your neighbor’s lot.  New buyers may not take care of the fence and homeowner’s who are seasonal residents, leave for the summer without a plan for maintenance.  Therefore, we do not allow fences.       
Parking on the grass continues to be an issue in some areas of the park.  You are not permitted to park on the grass any time.  For those of you who need further clarification, this means your lawn as well.  Code Enforcement will be contacted.
The new and improved Imperial Harbor Website,, will be ready in approximately 3 weeks.  The Harbor Club and the Civic Association share the cost of the website.  You will be able to download the DOR, Membership Form, and Complaint Form.  The Real Estate Committee will be adding things as we go along.
Some of us on the Board are heading north shortly.   Board Members who are permanent residents are Jen Kehl, Rich Moeller and Gayle Beler.  Please contact them if you have an issue or send your complaints to the
Neighborhood Outreach Committee, EMAIL:   You can reach all Board members by email as well.    The Board will continue to meet through the off season via conference calls and zoom meetings.    
See you at our General Meeting in January!

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