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We are located in beautiful Bonita Springs Florida.  If you plan to purchase, sell, or rent property in our community, be sure to READ our BROCHURE and the CURRENT DEED OF RESTRICTIONS.
Be sure to contact our CIVIC ASSOCIATION Board for important information regarding our restrictions before signing a purchase contract or rental/lease agreement.

This website is a joint publication of The Civic Association and The Harbor Club of Imperial Harbor
The December meeting of the Civic Association will be held at the Harbor Clubhouse on Friday, December 2nd at 1 PM.
This is  VERY important meeting and candidates for three Board of Directors seats will be discussed.  It is CRITICAL for the CA have adequate representation for the next term.  PLEASE consider volunteering your time to ensure Imperial Harbor continues to be a model for over 55 communities.  Without resident support, this may not happen.
Thank you,  
The Board of Directors
Civic Association of Imperial Harbor
The first general meeting of the season was held Monday, November 14th.  The meeting was well attended with a quorum present.  Many topics were presented and I thought I would briefly review them for the sake of those not attending.  This notice is not to be taken as official minutes but just sharing what I can recall.
Insurance of the Clubhouse was increased to $800,000 after an insurance inspection revealed we were substantially underinsured.
Sharon Curtis updated us on the pickleball courts.  The original plan was to use the new golf cart parking lot for this purpose but the building inspector woud not approve a multi-use permit.  Our options are to use this area to see how many club members actually will play the game using portable fencing.  The other option is to install two courts in the open area to the rear of bocce ball at a cost of $40,000+.  Sharon's report was well prepared and she indicated a second area in the compound was vetoed by the building inspector.  The proposal was tabled to the December meeting to allow discussion by the Board.  Noise to area homes was a concern.
Per Harbor Club policies, a change is the annual dues was discussed by the Board and presented at this meeting.  The proposal was an increase to $300 a year effective for the 2017 year.  A majority vote of those attending approved the increase.  The dues have not increased in many years and operational costs have been skyrocketed.  Our cash reserves have been reduced by 1/2 and this was needed.
Reinforcement of Florida Statues requiring a safety line in the pool with visible floaters was reviewed.  Discussion about the removal of the line to allow laps when no others were present in the pool area ensued but members agreed that risking a shut down of the pool for violating this statue could not be risked.  Lateral lap swimming was encouraged.
Jim Ryan reviewed the results of the Harbor Club Capital Improvements committee.  To date, the only improvements have been to maintain or replace the existing structure.  Our membership has grown from 275 to 416 and our facility can hold only 250.  In addition, bathroom and kitchen facilities are outdated.  Working with an architect, several plans have been developed adding additional area and updating the facility in general.  Jim and his committee have done extensive research with city officials and financing the expansion.  The cost is estimated about $800,000.  With a 10 year loan at 4%, the cost based on 400 members would be $2,500 or $250 a year with a possible discount for prepayment of the whole amount.  Once approved by members, it would take about 2 years to complete including finalizing the plans, securing financing and the actual building.  The original Harbor Club purchase from the developer was done in similar fashion and paid off in advance!  REMEMBER, this is the initial presentation with more discussion to follow but this committee is to be commended for their diligence.  Here is a scanned copy of one plan.
Replacement of the entrance Imperial Harbor sign is slowly moving forward.  Ownership of the property is being transferred to the City who may in turn transfer it to Imperial Harbor.
I'm certain I have missed some topics but hope this is helpful to you.
Cathy Dougan


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~ News for ALL Residents ~
ALL HOMEOWNERS IN IMPERIAL HARBOR -- Please HELP to keep our 55+ Retirement Community.
We currently have over 70% of imperial Harbor signed on to the New Deed Of Restrictions.  For those who have not signed home visits or email delivery of the document are available.  See below.  
   Home visits can be arranged by calling Cathy Dougan (239)498-9887.  The documents can also be emailed to you.  Call Cathy or email her at for more information.
Thank you all who have signed and to those encouraging others to sign.  It is very important to keep our community 55+ to maintain our property values and lifestyle.  There is NO cost or membership requirement to be a part of this.  The Civic Association is paying the legal and filing fees
WHY should you sign?  Because our 1998 Deed of Restrictions will expire in 2018.