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We are located in beautiful Bonita Springs Florida.  If you plan to purchase, sell, or rent property in our community, be sure to READ our BROCHURE and the CURRENT DEED OF RESTRICTIONS.
Be sure to contact our CIVIC ASSOCIATION Board for important information regarding our restrictions before signing a purchase contract or rental/lease agreement.

This website is a joint publication of The Civic Association and The Harbor Club of Imperial Harbor
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Harbor Club Coffee
Saturday, October 17th, 8:15AM at Harbor Clubhouse - Members
Harbor Club Halloween Dance
Saturday, October 31st, 7 - 10 PM at Harbor Clubhouse - Members

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~ News for ALL Residents ~
Both the Harborite and the Harbor News have been uploaded for your reading pleasure.
For all making the trip back to Imperial Harbor, may your journey be safe.  Your friends and neighbors welcome you back.
Jim Beever from the SW Florida Regional Planning Council was hired by Bonita Springs to study the cleanup of Spring Creek.  Our Imperial Harbor waterways drain into Spring Creek and have become clogged with invasive plants and restrict the natural flow of water.
Jim was at the Harbor Clubhouse on Saturday, June 20th at 9 a.m. to meet with ALL Imperial Harbor residents and hear our concerns and respond to questions. 
His aim is restore the hydrology (water movement), water quality, habitat and navigation to the waters included in the area of the project.  He reviewed his project plan and answered questions.  A summary of responses are below:
The Judd and Weir waterways abut Royal CT., Duchess & Duke Lanes and the City map shows "no ownership" of these waters.  They will be included in the study if they prove to be an important component of the water problem.  Study will include weed control, irrigational use by property owners and navigation to the creek which is currently block by a dam.  It was mentioned that the dam was originally put in to keep fish from leaving the pond.  (My thought, how could access to the pond be made from I.H. without crossing private property and/or, if navigable from other waters, will boaters be able to stop and fish from the banks of abutting I.H. homes or have a picnic?  Just thinking.)  He plans to visit I.H. again when snowbirds return.
Ponds behind Princess, Squire and Peer Lanes are privately owned but within the jurisdiction of this project if they are found to be being mismanaged.  Site visits have been made and individuals wanting a specific site meeting can contact Jim Beever at jbeever@swfrpc or (239)338-2550 ext. 224.
Cathy Dougan

ALL HOMEOWNERS IN IMPERIAL HARBOR -- Please HELP to keep our 55+ Retirement Community Status ALIVE by coming to one of these Sign-On events!
Summer is here and our residents are traveling and our volunteers have also taken a break.  That doesn't mean we aren't available for individual signings.
Home visits can be arranged by calling Cathy Dougan (239)498-9887.  The documents can also be emailed to you.  Call Cathy or email her at for more information.
We will restart the Clubhouse signings when our snowbirds have roosted in FL.
Thanks to all who have signed and to those ecouraging others to sign.  It is very important to keep our community 55+ to maintain our property values and lifestyle. 
There is NO cost or membership requirement to be a part of this.  The Civic Association is paying the legal and filing fees
WHY should you sign?  Because our 1998 Deed of Restrictions will expire in 2018 and without it, Imperial Harbor CANNOT remain a 55 and older retirement community!  We've prepared a Q&A document to answer your most frequently asked questions about this campaign.  CLICK HERE to view the Q&A.

IMPERIAL HARBOR BEAUTIFUL CAMPAIGN will begin again in November.
Each month during the winter season, two resident's homes are selected to display the IMPERIAL HARBOR BEAUTIFUL yard sign.  They are awarded this privilege because their have proudly maintained their property according to our Declaration of Covenants and are contributing to the Beauty, Cleanliness, and Value of our community.  We gratefully thank all our residents who take pride in ownership and contribute to making Imperial Harbor a desireable place to live. 

Click here for THE HARBOR POST, a publication for ALL Residents of Imperial
Click here for THE HARBORITE, a publication of THE HARBOR CLUB

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